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"You promised her, didn't you? So let's make it come true."

Rating: Teen 13+
Genre: Visual Novel
Elements: Drama, Comedy,Fantasy
Language: Thai, English
Number of Player: 1
Engine: Ren'Py
Release Plan: coming soon

In the past, Solar and Taiyo had been at war for a long time. That war is called "War of Separation"
But after more than 200 years, the war was over. The world after the war had calmed down for more than 15 years
How much has it changed? The wounds that will never wash away of those who have survived, the future of young children and the return of someone
Now it is the time to open the curtain of new fate.

Narvic -The boy who was helped by Luka

Luka -The one of the hero who end the war

Noah -The man who was called 'the white hero'


IchversprecheesdirENGdemo-1.0-pc.zip 76 MB

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